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Rafi Chowdhury is the founder of Chowdhury’s Digital and an investor. He enjoys writing about chess, artificial intelligence, and psychology. In his free time, he plays basketball and chess, bikes, and raises homing pigeons.

Integrating Live Chat for Business Success

Live Chat

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity around the world, many consumers are turning to live chat for customer help. Live chat has an average customer response time of 42 seconds. The immediate response time and clarification about products […]

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UX is Essential For Entrepreneurs. Here’s Why

UX Pixelated acronym ‘UX’ made from cubes, mosaic pattern

First, the basics:

What is UX?

UX Stands for “User Experience.” It encompasses every way that your end users (customers) interact with your business. This includes your website, and your product—whether it’s […]

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